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About Me

Hi, I'm Patrick, also known as "TheCreatorr", a 22 year old german student and lifelong fan of LEGO® bricks with a passion for the Star Wars™ franchise.

My goal is to create the most accurate, authentic, and affordable-to-build replicas of iconic locations and starships from the Star Wars™ universe you can build using LEGO® bricks.

My Story:

As with many of you, playing with LEGO® (Star Wars™) was a big part of my childhood. As I grew older, I spotted an opportunity in the creation of custom LEGO® dioramas designed for fans and focusing on both accuracy and authenticity. In May 2019 I launched the first instruction manual for my Death Star Control Room with Hallway MOC under the pseudonym "TheCreatorr". I was pleased to see my MOC being well received and decided to further expand the design of custom LEGO® models. This way over the past three years I built my own small business brick-by-brick and continuously added further instructions to the inventory.

Because I really want you to enjoy the building, I take great care in ensuring my instructions are as clear and easy-to-follow as possible, and strive to create LEGO® models that you can be proud of to call your own. I pour my love and dedication into my work and know you'll love what I create as much as I do!