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TheCreatorr Bundle – Mini-Scale Imperial Fleet

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The purchase includes the following digital files for each included model:

Instruction Manual (PDF file)

Parts List (XML file) 

Purchasing on BrickLink - Guidance (PDF file)


! Mini-scale | sized to an official LEGO® nano-scale minifig ! 

This Bundle let you save 11,11% off in comparison to buy each one of the ships seperately. 

Included in this Bundle: 
  • Mini-Scale TIE-Fighter (very sturdy build | 62 pieces | average cost ~6€/~7$) 

! All three ships are scaled to each other !

For detailed information about each included model, just click on the links above to visit their individual product pages in this shop.

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You will get the following files:
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  • ZIP (21MB)

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