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Mini-Scale Death Star Hangar Bay 327 Diorama MOC

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! Mini-scale | sized to an official LEGO® nano-scale minifig ! 

Right before the Battle of Yavin and hours after the destruction of Alderaan, the Millennium Falcon and it's crew of heroes were drawed into the Hangar Bay 327 inside the Death Star I by a tractor beam ...

This Diorama MOC depicts the iconic Docking Bay 327 inside the first Death Star where the Millennium Falcon gets drawn into by a tractor beam from 1977’s A New Hope.

  • The model features a cargo elevator shaft, the atmosphere containment projector ring, a gray steel beam on the backwall, a total of 4 wall columns, accurate wall detailing and piping, an angled side entrance to the Bay with indicated Imperial wall patterns, different cargo placed accurately throughout the entire build, and the floor is made from black 1x2 tiles and includes white arrow-like ground markings
  • Including the following mini-scale statues: Darth Vader, 1x Imperial Officer, 17x Stormtroopers, as well as C-3PO and R2-D2 that are hiding between cargo while helping our heroes to escape from the Garbage Compactor
  • A black and grey tiled front makes for a premium display

  • Durability: Very sturdy build
  • Part Count: 3745 pieces
  • Dimensions: Width 33 cm / length 45,5 cm / height 20 cm

All Parts in a new condition cost around ~380€ / ~390$ when purchasing from BrickLink sellers, depending on which store you‘re buying the parts (prices tend to fluctuate, excluding any shipping costs!). 


The Hangar Bay is designed to accommodate my Mini-Scale Millennium Falcon model, for which I'm offering separate instructions here.

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