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Yavin 4 Rebel Base Strategy Center Diorama MOC

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! Minifig scale ! 

During the Battle of Yavin, General Jan Dodonna, Princess Leia Organa, and C-3PO gathered in the Strategy Center and listened to the communications between pilots as the battle unfolded around the Death Star ...

The Strategy Center / War Room can be seen on-screen both in Star Wars: A New Hope (1977) and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) as well as Star Wars Rebels (2014-2018). It serves as the main communications and planning center of the Rebel Alliance inside the Great Temple on the fourth moon of Yavin.

  • Features one round Tactical Display Table, several duty consoles with additional cable detailing, a cargo crait, 4x trans-green Tactical Screens, shiny metallic silver and black piping on the walls, a total of 6x chairs for minifigures, 4x metallic silver cylinder-shaped lights placed accurately throughout the diorama, a trapezoidal doorway and stairway, as well as roots, olive-green plants, and moss overgrowing the walls
  • Illuminating the backside of the MOC makes the wall control console glow in various colors just like in-universe:

  • The MOC uses a blending of smooth surfaces like the SNOT-floor and exposed studs on the walls to add additional texture, as well as a black & dark tan tiled front that makes for a more premium look including a printed 2x4 tile with Star Wars™ logo
  • The model is very sturdy and uses a great number of pieces to guarantee structural stability

> > > Very sturdy build < < < 

  • Total Number of needed LEGO® bricks: 2818
  • Total Number of needed LEGO® Sticker Sheets: 0
  • Dimensions: Width 26 cm / length 39 cm / height 13 cm

All Parts in a new condition cost around ~320€ / ~330$ when purchasing from BrickLink sellers, depending on which store you‘re buying the parts (prices tend to fluctuate, excluding any shipping costs!). 

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8 months ago

Simply Awesome!!

It's simply awesome... nice detailed
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