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Bespin Cloud City Diorama MOC
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You get a Zip-compressed folder containing the following files:

Instruction Manual (PDF file)

  • 289 pages
  • including references & original footage

Parts List (XML file) 


  • pdf-file "How do I upload the XML-Parts List to BrickLink and order the parts"

Information about the MOC

! Minifig scale ! 

Cloud City was a tibana gas mining colony floating in the clouds of the planet Bespin, located in the Anoat sector of the Outer Rim Territories. Shortly after the Battle of Hoth, Han, Leia, Chewie and C-3PO sought refuge in Cloud City on the run from Darth Vader...


This Diorama replicates several iconic parts within the upper buildings of Cloud City which can be seen on-screen in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (1980).

  • Build a faithful LEGO® version of both the Entrance Hall and Main Corridor / Promenade
  • Features a smoothly vertical sliding entrance door that locks in place once opened (→ Here's a short video clip), wall patterns, different mural reliefs, angled walls with zero gaps in-between, the tree sculpture, wall lights, chime art, a viewport, and one potted plant
  • Packed with authentic details and offering an immersive build, this diorama is the perfect way to display your LEGO® minifigs and relive your favorite scenes from TESB
  • The model is very robust and sturdy due to its complex inner structure and use of technic bricks, and can easily be picked up with just one hand
  • A black & white tiled front makes for a more premium look including a printed 2x4 tile with Star Wars™ logo

> > > Very sturdy build < < <

  • Total Number of needed LEGO® bricks: 1827
  • Total Number of needed LEGO® Sticker Sheets: 0
  • Width/Length/Heigt of the Overbridge: 15 cm / 51 cm / 11 cm

All Parts in a new condition cost around ~200€ / ~210$ at BrickLink Stores (prices tend to vary!), depending on which store you‘re buying the parts (excluded any shipping costs!). 

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