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Death Star Overbridge MOC

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In the shallows of the Outer Rim, built as a moon-sized, deep space orbital battle station, laid the Death Star, a planet-destroying superweapon, constructed as an impregnable fortress and a symbol of the Emperor's inviolable rule ...

This model replicates the Death Stars' iconic Overbridge first shown in Star Wars: A New Hope and featured prominently in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. 

  • Features 2x command center duty posts, each with enough space to put a Death Star Trooper, the iconic hexagon-shaped window/screen, imperial light-panels, accurate wall patterns as well as an entrance to the bridge
  • A built-in hinge allow you to get better access to the inside and take shots from different angles
  • A black tiled front makes for a premium display

  • Durability: Very sturdy build
  • Part Count: 2415 pieces
  • BrickLink Price: ~280€ | ~290$
  • Dimensions: Width 37 cm, length 49 cm, height 14,5 cm


Expand the Death Star's interior with my other complementary MOCs made for both play and display.


The estimated parts cost above is based on average BrickLink orders. Please keep in mind prices tend to fluctuate on the brick-selling market.
You will get a ZIP (94MB) file

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