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Tantive IV Diorama MOC

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! Minifig scale ! 

Served as an Alderaanian Diplomatic Cruiser, the CR90 Corvette TANTIVE IV played a central role in the events at the beginning of the Galactic Civil War, serving as Princess Leia Organa's personal starship in the leadup to the Battle of Yavin... 

This Diorama replicates several parts within the Tantive IV which can be seen on-screen at the beginning of Star Wars: A New Hope (1977), Revenge of the Sith (2005), as well as Rogue One (2016).

  • Includes the Main Corridor, Side Corridor where Leia records her message in R2, and Operations Forum as location for Captain Antilles death through the hands of Darth Vader
  • Features a smoothly sliding airlock doorway (→ Watch short clip on Flickr) that reveals an implied Imperial Hallway to replicate the Boarding Assault
  • Packed with authentic details and offering an immersive build, this diorama is the perfect way to display your LEGO® minifigs and relive your favorite scenes from the movies
  • All 3 locations in this diorama have the same arrangement as shown in A New Hope
  • The model is very robust and sturdy, and can easily be picked up
  • A black tiled front and back makes for a more premium look
Recreate the imperial boarding assault, C-3POs search for R2, Leia's very first appearance on-screen, Antilles interrogation by Vader, or Leia's hide from the searching Stoormtroopers!  

> > > Very sturdy build < < < 

  • Total Number of needed LEGO® bricks: 2398
  • Total Number of needed LEGO® Sticker Sheets: 0
  • Dimensions: Width 24 cm / length 38,5 cm / height 9,5 cm

All Parts in a new condition cost around ~240€ / ~250$ when purchasing from BrickLink sellers, depending on which store you‘re buying the parts (prices tend to fluctuate, excluding any shipping costs!). 

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6 months ago

Great model

This is my second one, i’m addicted

Tantive IV Main Corridor with Airlock Doorway MOC

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